Workplace Chaplain Services (WPCS), is a Brooklyn, NY based company that provides corporate chaplaincy for businesses in the Tri-State Area and beyond. We provide the missing link in business by taking care of your employees so that they are whole to give 100% to your business.
We provide care and compassion to help employees be complete—mind, body, and soul. We believe extending this kind of care improves people’s lives and improves human performance.
When people are able to work through personal struggles in a confidential and supportive way, morale goes up, and performance-draining conflicts and corporate cynicism go down.
We incorporate a variety of means for caring in the workplace, including:

  • Confidential caregiving
  • Crisis intervention
  • Ethics training
  • Coaching and development
  • Referrals to other professionals

As a for-profit business WPCS is not in the business seeking donations, rather we are present onsite to service the emotional and spiritual needs of employees.  An employer-sponsored Chaplain Assistance Program (CAP) does not discourage or eliminate the need for someone to become involved in a local church.  At first glance, it may appear that chaplains are in a position to fill the role of a pastor. To some, this may lead them to discourage chaplaincy in the workplace because they do not want to eliminate the need that someone might have to develop a relationship with a local pastor or discourage involvement in a local church. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception that misinterprets the role of the chaplain. The reality is that effective chaplains encourage those they serve to become actively involved in a supportive faith community. The role of the chaplain is not to replace any of the resources currently provided by the community or the local churches, but rather, chaplains see their job as one in which they can encourage those they serve to connect with the resources they need and establish a spiritual support network.

Providing Relational Services & Support to Employees in the Workplace!