Why Choose Chaplaincy

What is Corporate Chaplaincy?

Many companies are discovering the human resource and bottom-line benefits of having a corporate chaplain on their premises on a regular basis, and available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in case of an emergency, crisis, or other need.

Chaplain-based Employee Assistance Programs (or CAPs) enable employers to take care of their business while we help to care for their employees providing confidential help from a neutral support person who is outside the company

A CAP is a personal, voluntary benefit available to employees and their immediate family members or members of their households. It is sponsored by the company, but provided by a chaplaincy provider at no cost to the employees.

Features of a CAP include:

  • Support for employees that costs them nothing
  • Ongoing, accessible, personal care available to all employees and their household members
  • Confidential help from a neutral support person who is outside the company2

Winning the Battle & the War at Work


Today’s work climate of layoffs, downsizing, workplace shootings and mergers can be seen as a battlefield for 21st-century employees.  The need to respond to the spiritual needs of employees and the frustrations that they take home has become just a small portion of the vague role that chaplains play. Following the military chaplain model, corporate chaplains help companies and company employees win through the ministry of being present onsite and being available to serve.  Workplace Chaplain Services, LLC help your company to not only win the battle, but improve the company’s bottom line through employee satisfaction and productivity to win the War!

Providing Relational Services & Support to Employees in the Workplace!