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Workplace Chaplain Services, LLC (WPCS) is a Brooklyn, NY based company that provides corporate chaplaincy for businesses in the Tri-State area and beyond. 

We provide the missing link in business by incorporating holistic care for your employees to bring their best to work. If your employees are whole, they can give 100%.

We provide care and compassion to help employees be complete—mind, body, and soul. 

We believe extending this kind of care improves people’s work experience and overall quality of life. 

When people can work through personal struggles in a confidential and supportive way, morale goes up, 

and performance-draining conflicts and corporate cynicism go down.

We incorporate a variety of means for caring in the workplace, including:

* Cleric Services (hospital & incarceration visits, marriages, funerals, etc.)

* Holistic Care/Health & Wellness

* Referrals to other Professionals

* Ethics & Principles Guidance

* Coaching and Development

* Confidential Care-giving

* Crisis Intervention

Employees are people first.


Life Is Hard . . . Then We Go to Work 

If you are looking for a way to help make your employees happier and more productive, a Chaplain Assistance Program (CAP) can help.


Corporate chaplaincy focuses on the
whole person
so that you can focus on making your
whole business
as strong as it can be.

Winning the Battle & the War at Work


Today’s work climate of layoffs, downsizing, workplace shootings and mergers can be seen as a battlefield for 21st-century employees. The need to respond to the spiritual needs of employees and the frustrations that they take home has become just a small portion of the vague role that Workplace Chaplains play. Following the military chaplain model, corporate chaplains help companies and company employees win through the ministry of being present onsite and being available to serve. Workplace Chaplain Services, LLC can help your company to not only win the battle, but improve the company’s bottom line through employee satisfaction and productivity to win the War!

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